Dec 22, 2006


Its party time! Everyones is the holiday mood for Christmas and New Years. Whats a holiday without any dessert? So here my post for today-Tiramisu. Tiramisu is an Italian dessert with layers of sponge cake and coffee, topped with cheese.


My Friend Manisha had made this Tiramisu a few months back and I got to taste it and take home a big portion of it. It was delicious. I decided to post the recipe on my blog and saved some pictures of it. It was lying in drafts for a long time and whats the best time to post it than the Christmas Holidays.

2-3 packets of sponge fingers/lady fingers/marie biscuits
300 gm/10 oz mascarpone cheese, a mild Italian cream cheese
250 ml/8 fl.oz. whipping cream
200 gm/8 oz chocolate chips, preferably Hershey's
1 tbsp espresso coffee
2 tbsp cocoa powder
4 tbsp icing sugar

Heat whipping cream in a sauce pan, dissolve chocolate chips till it melts completely. Set aside.
Beat cheese and icing sugar in a bowl and keep it ready.
Dissolve espresso coffee powder in a cup of warm water.

We will assemble the tiramisu in the baking pan/rectangular dish in which you want to serve the tiramisu. Dip the biscuits in the espresso coffee and lay it on the pan in 2-3 layers. Lay a layer of cheese and sprinkle cocoa powder all over. Lay another layer of biscuits, cheese and cocoa powder. Pour the whipping cream with melted chocolate. Chill it in the refrigerator for 4-5 hours. You can make it a day ahead.

Just before serving sprinkle a thin layer of cocoa powder on top.

The Layer Finger in the ingredients is not okra. Its like cake rusk available in the supermarkets. You can use Marie Biscuits from the Indian store instead.
Do not keep the tiramisu out of the fridge for long. The whipping cream layer may start to melt.

"Happy Holidays" & "Feliz Navidad" to everyone from me & Manisha


Asha said...

I love Tiramasu.Coffee expresso is different and interesting!:)

Happy New Year.See you next week:)

Aruna said...

As Asha mentioned Tiramisu is my favorite too. My kids too like it a lot. I have it in my freezer for the moment. I am going to try it for sure after buying the ingrediants. Thanks Manjula for a desert liked by all.

Anonymous said...

Well...first I saw your post, I though...Aruna's fav - she is going to be very very happy to see this :D. She is the one who introduced me to this dish. I am sure it tastes great.

Anonymous said...

Hey there.. lovely post.. I loooooove tiramisu. The authentic recipe also calls for coffe liquor like Kahlua.. when we are health conscious, we make it with low fat ricotta cheese.. less fat..

Anonymous said...

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Manjula said...

Hi Asha, Aruna, Shilpa & anonymous,

Thanks for the response. I Hope you will all like this vegetarian version of Tiramisu. Let me know ur experiences.

Hi Konkani World,
Good one there. I have linked to ur blog on mine.


archana said...

Tiramisu is my favorite dessert, happy holidays to you. Enjoy the season.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, it sure sounds delicious. I will definitely try it as my children love coffee flavoured desserts. Thanks for the wonderful recipe...........

Manjula said...

Hi Archana & Anonymous
Glad you liked this version of vegetarian tiramisu. Hope you will come back for more