Jan 17, 2007

3 Things in my life - Meme

I first read the word Meme on a food blog few months back. The word was totally alien to me and did a quick search on my Word Web dictionary. It said "A cultural unit (an idea or value or pattern of behaviour) that is passed from one generation to another by non genetic means (as by imitation)". This was quite not clear for me. But I just didn't bother to find out more.

Few more days passed by and I happened to come across this "MeMe" word quite often, mostly in the food blogs. I still didnt bother about the word. But last week my blogger buddy Sangeeta posted a meme on her Ghar Ka Khana and tagged me for the meme. Now I had no option but to do a research on meme. The best explanation I found was in an article written by Brent Silby "What is a Meme?". Meme is ideas that flow from generation to generation, evolving and modifying as it passes from mind to mind.

This is a Meme that has been passed from blogger to blogger on 3 things in their lives and here is mine.

3 things that scare me
* Horror Movies
* Snakes
* Darkness

3 people that make me laugh
* My hubby Shiva
* My friends Anitha, Manisha & Seema
* My sisters & brothers

3 things I love
* My husband :)
* My Hometown Puttur
* My family

3 things I hate
* Liars
* Cold, I love summers
* Emotional drama on Karan Johan movies

3 things I don't Understand
* People eating gross things on Fear Factor
* How can people be so naive or good - family drama on Indian TV
* Why NRI kids dont speak mother tongue...err..may be I will know when I have my own

3 things on my desk
* My Computer
* My digital camera
* A bunch of pens & bundle of paper

3 things I am doing right now
* Writing this MeMe
* Eating til-gud from Sankranti
* Wondering whats the 3rd one?

3 things I want to do before I die
* Visit Taj mahal
* See my children grown up
* Own a house

3 things I can do
* Cook, I think so
* sew, manage to alter and mend dresses
* write software, well thats my profession

3 things I’d like to learn:
* Be calm and patient in life
* To pose for photograph
* Cook like my MIL

3 things I never want to listen to
* Anyone talking bad about me
* People abusing and calling names
* Noise

3 favorite foods
* Pathrode
* PattoLi
* Sevei

3 beverages that I drink regularly
* Water
* Tea
* Ginger Ale, my new addiction

3 TV shows I watched as a kid,
well..I didnt have a TV at home as a kid, so these are 3 things I watched a teenager
* Old hindi movies on Zee TV
* Campus - a serial on Zee about college life
* Antakshari

3 books I read as a kid
* Mahabharata by Amarchitra katha
* Kannada magazines
* Stories from the Text books

3 friends I want to tag for this MeMe
* Shilpa
* Dr. Sowmya
* GSB Konkani , not sure the person wants to reveal identity

Well, Now I know more about myself. Hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about me.


Sia said...

woho manjula... u from puttur? came across ur blog through blog hopping... even i am from puttur:)

Manjula said...

Hi Sia,

I am from Puttur, a place near Mangalore in Karnataka. I know theres another Puttur in Andra.
Which Puttur are you from?


TNL said...

Nice Meme Manjula! Nice to know a bit more about you!


Smitha Sathish said...

Hey Manjula, Meme is really good. Though I know u personally, I think I came to know you better because of this Meme. And also want to congratulate you for creating such a nice blog.

Asha said...

Hey! Now we know more about you too!:))Well done MeMe and thank you for the info about the word too.That was great!

Sangeeta said...

Hi Manjula,

Great Meme. It was nice reading about you :)

Maheswari said...

First time here manjula.Good blog and good meme.I studied my college near mangalore.It's kerala-kanrnataka border ,Kasargod.I used to visit mangalore quite often with friends.BTW Thanks for the entry for AFAM - Banana.Spread the word if you can..

Seema Bhat said...

Manjula, nice meme dear. I can understand how much u might love puttur as i do m'lore equally.Good to know you a bit more dear.


Yes, we enjoyed reading a little bit about you

Manjula said...

Sia, Trupti, Smitha, Asha, Sangeeta, Maheshwari, Harekrishnaji, Seema,
Glad you all liked my Meme.

Anonymous said...

Thank god!! finally I understood what MEME is .. even i was like u... No i'm still:)not yet tagged by anyone:)

Manjula said...

Hey Padmaja,
I will be glad if you can take up this MEME. I can tag you right now..I will be glad someone has..