Mar 6, 2007

Mulik (Jack Fruit Fritters)

Its Jack fruit season! Jack fruits always make me nostalgic. I have sweet memories of childhood where my brother would climb the tree in our backyard to pluck the jack fruits and my sisters would be helping him. It was like a mini circus going on every day.

We put almost every part of the jack fruit tree to use. The young jack fruit used in curries, the seed is also used up. Sometimes the seeds are sun dried and stored for the winter. Once the fruits start to ripe first few weeks we would just survive on jack fruits. A few weeks later my mom would make Jackfruit idlis (muddo) and then comes the Jack fruit fritters (mulik). Even the leaves aren't spared. The leaves are cleaned, trimmed and sewn together with coconut leaf stalk to make a container in which idlis called (kotto) are steamed.

Here in California, fresh Jack fruits are available at times in th Indian Stores, but they are way too expensive. And also I do not have the right kind of equipments to peel the giant fruit. Hence I use canned or frozen Jack fruits. Most of them are product of Thailand.

To make Mulik
10-12 individual Jack fruits
1 cup rice rava or soji rava
2 tbsp coconut
2-3 squares of jaggery
1 pod cardamom
oil for frying

Grind coconut into a smooth paste, add jack fruits and grind till they are mashed. Add jaggery and cardamom powder. Mix well. Add rava, adjust water to make a thick cake like batter. Adjust jaggery to desired level of sweetness.

Heat oil and spoon in small quantities of batter. Fry on medium flame till golden brown on all sides.


I just like to snack on Mulik. My husband likes it dipped in a little pickle. Enjoy as you like!


Anonymous said...

Hi .....This is one of my favorites. I have seen Jackfruit in Indian stores, but they are neither raw nor ripe, also very expensive. Pur the canned raw jackfruit, but did not like the preservative smell. So never tried to get the ripe canned fruit.

Aruna said...

Hi.....This is my favorite. My mom used to make good qty and keep for for 3-4 days. I have seen Jackfruit in Indian store but neither ripe nor raw. I hate the preservative smell in the canned ones.

Anonymous said...

I have few recipes of this dish. But somehow never felt like buying the ripe canned jackfruit here. Thats the problem of staying away from India.

Your mulik looks very good.

Manjula said...

Hi Aruna, Shilpa & error(eh?)

Yes, the canned ones are sometimes loaded sugar syrup and preservatives. I found frozen jack fruits in the Chinese Supermarkets. They are far better than the canned ones. But all are Product of Thailand..they have stronger overwhelming scent compared to the Indian ones.

Give a try to the Frozen ones.


Unknown said...

Jaack Fruit is favourite with my kids. They like to eat it just like that. But this seems to be an interesting recipe. Sure gonna try this ASAP.
Chk here for Jack fruit perattal

Asha said...

All I get is canned ones which I hate bcos it smells like metal.
I remember Kotte idli my ajji used to make.Have you heard of other kind of Jack fruit which are whiter and soft called "Bilva"? Delicious.
Bajjis look great,alas,I can't taste it!:))

Anonymous said...

Hey Manjula.. wow..I love these muliks.. I agree with shilpa and aruna, the canned ones stink. I got the jackfruit preserve from India.. the cooked ripe jackfruit frozen paste, I use this for making patholis and mulliks.


Sia said...

now u r making me nostalgic:( i cant take my eyes off them

Anonymous said...

Hi Manjula, wow, would I love to try these!! I have never bought frozen jackfruit -- only in a can. I must look for it now. Really enjoyed reading about all the different uses for jackfruit too! Thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

I have never heard of this dish. My Mom dislikes this matter how best one you get for her...hence we have not seen any experiments with this...but this sounds interesting...would give a try when I get it in market,insha Allah

Anonymous said...

your jackfruit fritters looks delicious. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Manjula,

Sumitha said...

My goodness,i have been fed up having jackfruit in India when it was in season ,if only i knew this recipe!Looks so good!

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Love this .We call it as Halasina hannu sutavu.Hmm mouth is watering...Do you have some remaining..heee?

Anonymous said...

I love ripe jack fruit a lot.Its been long since I had it. Nice fritters.I like the chips made from it too :)I have still to read all posts in your blog. Do you have a recipe for Dalitoy dal which you have mentioned :)

Manjula said...

Sanjana, Asha,Nisha, Sia, Linda, Yunus, Sumita, sowmya, Archana, Just for fun,
Glad this recipe triggered some memories in you and has inspired to give it this recipe a try. For those who do not get fresh ones try to get the frozen ones. They are better than the canned ones.

I havnt heard of "bilva". But one kind of jackfruit that which has the fruits very soft and slips from your hands when peeling is called 'tuLuva'. Are you referring to the same one? It might have many names.


Manjula said...

Yes, I do have the recipe for dalitoy. Check this