Oct 16, 2007

Quick Basil Chicken Curry

Basil Chicken Curry

I am a little admant when it comes to trying out new cuisines. My husband always makes fun of me that I cook food in my plate in the restaurants. I am always adjusting salt and pepper. I had a very hard time initially in US eating exotic foods. By exotic I mean anything non Indian and non-pizza!

For my surprise I just fell in love with Thai cuisine the very first time. The only secret being its so much closer to Konkani food. Yeah, true Thai and Konkani- bhai Bhai..!!
You must have guessed it by now, both have coconut. But the similarity doesnt stop there. Bamboo shoots, taro, jack fruits, ripe banana fritters..it goes on. After savoring Thai delicacies for years, now I had to experiment with the recipes. I wanted to make the curry paste from the scratch as in here but did not want to buy a whole lot of ingredients, so I just cut down on most of things and ended up with this quick and easy delicious curry. Here it is..

1 cup chicken breast, cut into strips
1 cup bell peppers of different colors, cut into strips
1/3 cup green beans, cut into thin long strips
4 mushrooms
1 cup coconut milk
2 sprigs of fresh basil leaves
water or veggie/chicken broth, as needed upto 1/2 cup

to grind :
1 tsp coriander seeds
1 tsp cumin seeds
1 small red onion or shallot
3 cloves garlic
small piece ginger
1-3 red chillies
2-4 pepper corns
lemon peel, optional

In little oil, lightly roast cumin, coriander seeds and red chillies. Cool and grind into a rough powder, add all the other ingredients listed for grinding and blend into a smooth paste.
Prepare chicken, bell peppers and green beans, cut them into thin strips. Roughly chop the basil leaves.
Basil Chicken Curry
In a wide shallow pan heat 2 tsp of oil, Sauté the ground paste for a min, add chicken breast and stir under low flame for another minute. Add green beans, coconut milk and salt, bring it to a boil. Add water or veggie/chicken broth if you have to thin the sauce. Simmer on low flame for 5 mins till the chicken is done but tender. Add bell pepper and basil leaves. Cook for another minute or less. Do not over cook the bell peppers, let them be crunchy.

Serve hot over brown rice.

Vegetarians, just substitute chicken breast with some tofu. Pan fry tofu before you add it into the curry.


Anonymous said...

I love Thai food too. From the very first time, I just fell in love with it. But somehow hubby does not like it :(. So I keep asking my friends to take me to Thai. Wish you were somewhere near, we could have had a nice party :D.

Curry looks great.

musical said...

Thai food is my favorite too :). I just love it! Nice curry too!

Asha said...

Basil and chicken sounds like a great combo Manjula, looks delicious!:))

Unknown said...

hi there.....beautiful recipe....unfortunately I cannot have Thai food....however Rajesh likes it a lot....hope to make this one day...( I am a veggie)...:)

Swaroopa said...

hey gr8 recipe and beautiful pics.

Pelicano said...

Very very nice Manjula...and yes indeed, I agree that the cuisines have much in common..in fact. I believe there is a theory that Buddhist missionaries from south India brought a few cooking methods to Thailand!

BTW, I have a recipe for the Thai green paste if you're interested.

Sihi said...

wow! the curry looks absolutely yum!! true parallel between konkani cuisine and thai cuisine..

just added thai flat noodles to my list this week..if you'd like to check it out.

Rachna said...

i havent delved much into thai food, will try this hey

Smitha Sathish said...

hey Manjula, just read the recipe. Loved it since I too like Thai food. Would definetly try this one during weekend.-Smitha Sathish

Chef Jeena said...

Lovely recipe Manjula pics look wonderful. :)

Smitha Sathish said...

Hey Manjula,
As I said I tried this recipe today afternoon and it came out really good. Even my hubby liked it very much. But I did do little variation that is instead of chicken, I added Shrimps and little bit of chilli sambal oelek for more spicy. Thanks for the wonderful recipe.

Deeba PAB said...

Obviously a few months too late, but I'm glad I got here Manjula. This recipe is divine. I love the combination & have bookmarked the recipe. I loved the write up too!

Unknown said...

Hi Manjula:) Glad to have you back :) I was searching for Basil chicken fried rice and I saw this dish of yours, its come out very good:) I loved the taste of Basil in Thai foods:) I too love Thai cuisine a lot:)