Nov 28, 2006

Daiya Povu (Poha in Sweetened Yogurt )

Dayya povu
Yogurt, Poha and Sugar

Daiya povu is a simple quick snack. This always reminds me of summer holidays of my childhood. We did not have a refrigerator at home and craved for some cold, soothing snacks to beat the heat. My mom would prepare Daiya povu. Its simply Poha in Sweetened Yogurt. An ideal snack for ikra ganTe tannik i.e a light snack between breakfast and lunch usually had around 11 am.

1 cup poha/povu/beaten rice
1 cup yogurt
sugar as desired

Beat the yogurt, add water if its very thick. Dissolve sugar till the yogurt is sweet as desired. Mix in the poha and let it soak. Serve.

Kids surely love this.

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