Nov 14, 2006

Spinach Song (Spicy Spinach Curry)

Spinach Song is a spicy curry made with chilli powder and tomatoes with a roasted garlic. This tastes somewhat near to konkani batate song, and hence my konkani name for it "Spinach Song". You can add soy chunks or soy protein granules to it, optionally.

Spinach Song
Spinach Song is not a authentic konkani dish. My my mother-in-law came across a similar recipe somewhere in north India a few years back and she gave a konkani touch to it. She has been making this since then and everyone in my family loves this.

1 bunch spinach
10-12 soy chunks(badi), optional
3 garlic cloves
2 ripe tomatoes
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
1/2 tsp chilli powder

Clean the spinach and chop. Set aside. If you opt to add soya chunks, soak them in warm water.

Heat 1 tsp oil in a frying pan and fry the garlic Put turmeric and chilli powder and fry until they are puffed. Add tomatoes and fry on low flame for 10mins until the tomato is cooked and turns into a thick puree

Add spinach, salt and little water bring to boil. Do not add more water. The leaves cook fast and reduces to small quantity within no time. Squeeze the water from the soy chunks and add them. Cover the pan and cook on low flame until the spinach is cooked and soy chunks are soft.

Serve with chapathi or rice and dal


Lakshmi said...

nice looking healthy recipe, came here from another subcontinent forums. nice blog Manjula.

Smitha Sathish said...

Hey Manjula, i tried this recipe yesterday and its really came out good. we all liked it very much.thanks for sharing.-Smitha

Manjula said...

Hi Lakshmi,
Thanks for visiting my blog & the feedback.

Hey Smitha,
Thanks for trying this and letting me know how it went. Hope this will encourage u to try some more recipes from here

Anonymous said...

Manjula, can i use mushroom instead of soya chunks? have u tried anytime, curious to know...

Manjula said...

Hi Nayak Mayi,
I have never tried the combination of spinach and mushrooms. But I often make with mushrooms and green peas or cauliflower.
Let me know if you ever that combo

Anonymous said...

Very nice looking healthy recipe. I love spinach , I should give it a try some day

Anonymous said...

Hi Manjula, tried this with mushroom, its delicious and very simple recipe. thanks.

Manjula said...

Hi Sushma,
This recipe is a refreshing change form the usual palak panner and similar north indian dishes. Try this.

Hi Nayak Mayi,
I am very happy every happy I get a response from you. I tried using mushroom instead of soy chunks in this curry...its was awesome. Thanks for your brilliant idea and feedback

Will update this post sometime soon