Apr 17, 2007

Blog Cookathon

Past few weeks I have been actively surfing the archives of all my blogger buddies. First I was on a blog surfathon and then on a cookathon. I found a ton of real authentic and creative recipes, a few fusion ones too. I managed to cook a few of them and still planning to continue this cookathon. My family has never been happier about my obsession with blogging. Now that my hubby got to eat all these goodies, he has actually stopped complaining!

Asha's Kesari Murgh
I consider this recipe as my discovery of the month. The unique spice blend was ao aromatic,I knew it was going to be great. I request all you vegetarians out there to cook some veggies may be mushrooms or tofu with this wonderful sauce. Else you will miss out some scrumptious gravy.
Kesari Murgh

Asha's Mysore BisiBeleBath
This delicious rice dish is easy to make and believe me is very economical. Just a little dal and rice yields so much of BBB, it can feed a hungry crowd.

Maheshwari's Stir Fried Bhindi
Simple, yet delicious.
Okra Stir Fry

Meena's Ginger Chilli Shrimps
If you are a Shrimp lover you got to try this one!
Ginger Chilli Prawns

Seema's Asparagus Teriyaki.
What a superb way of cooking Asparagus. I did not blanch the Asparagus, it just took 10 minutes for the whole process.
Asparagus Teriyaki

Seema's Mushroom Masala
Finger licking masala..Its surely better than the restaurant ones.
Mushroom Masala

Sia's Gobi Manchurian
Indo-Chinese Cooking at its best. She has mastered it all!
Gobi Manchurian

Trupti's Vaghareli Kichdi
A Gujarati BBB? You can say so..its more like a dry BBB without the spice sambar masalas.
Vaghareli Kichdi

My Spinach Song
My reader, Nayak Mayi tried this song with a combination of Mushroom and Spinach. This was really great idea, the combination works so well.
Mushroom & Spinach Song


Sharmi said...

thats a real nice name "cookathon"

all are looking great!! keep it up.


Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Hey Manjula,
This is really a great round up.Lovely pics.Really tempting...

Sia said...

ha ha ha...cookathon:)
no wonder ur hubby is not complaining anymore;) with this kind of food, anyone will be bowled over:) amazing array of dishes manjula. loved the idea of spinach in song. i can use frozen spinach right? difficult to get fresh spinach(i mean good one)

Anonymous said...

My Pick: Ginger chilly shrimps.

BTW found your blog atlast.(I used to google search by spelling it as DALITOV).


Asha said...

Manjula,I am so happy to see that Saffron Chicken!:)) Did you get the soft chicken as you were asking?
BBB rice plumps up as it soaks,that's why I use so much water!;D
I am bookmarking the page,so I can try others too.Thanks Manjula.

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Hey, thanx for dropping in a comment and leading me to your blog. you have a great blog and a very nice collection of recipes!!!:)
about the Avarekai upittu, yes I do have the recipe for it. Will post it sometime soon. Keep checking! :)

musical said...

Cookathon it is, Manjula. So many yummy things! I love mushrooms, will try your mushrooms-spinach song for sure.

Seema Bhat said...

I loved your name cookathon.Hee Hee. Amazing roundup lady. I am glad you liked theriyaki and mushroom masala. I loved the sand and the pictures of all the dishes are very very tempting.

Richa said...

wow so many to choose from! our families sure are benefitting a lot from our blogging obsession err hobby ;-)


TNL said...

boy,have you been busy!! but isn't it great to try these recipes...?
Glad you tried the khichdi..yes, indeed a dry version of BBB!