Oct 2, 2006

Flax Seeds

Whole Flax seeds
Whole Flax seeds

Flax Seeds are high in Omega3 Fatty acids. Whole Flax seeds are not digested and hence you need to grind it to be consumed. The ground flax seed becomes oxidized if kept exposed to air for long time. So it should be ground freshly at home. You can use a coffee grinder or the chutney jar of the mixer to grind it. It lasts upto 30 days when stored in an air tight jar.

Ground Flax seeds
Ground flax seeds

Ways to eat ground flax seed
You can mix the ground flax seed with your breakfast cereal, oat meal or even in milk. You will hardly notice its taste. I tried mixing a tablespoon of ground flax seed in the atta to make chapati. The chapati comes out very soft.

Flax seed chapathi
Flax seed chapati with gherkins

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Anonymous said...

where can i buy flax seeds in Mangalore? and what shud i tell? kannada or konkani name??

i m looking for flax seeds.. khain melta naa...

Manjula said...

I am not very sure it will be easily available in Mangalore. You can try some specialty health stores.
My google search resulted in this article
From the article - Flaxseeds are called as “akshi” in Kannada, “jawas” in Marathi and “alsi” in Hindi.

Anonymous said...

Flax seed is available in Mangalore at Nilgiris store in Empire mall.

triveni said...

Flax seeds of alsi (hindi) is available in all nilgiris and Big Bazar outlets in Mangalore

triveni said...

Flax seeds of alsi (in hindi) is available in Nilgiris and Bag Bazar outlets in Mangalore

Unknown said...

flax seeds are known as "AKSHA BHEE" in Konkani

Unknown said...

where can i buy flax seed and saw palmetto seeds in Bangalore?

dee said...

Hello...we cn i get flax seeds in Blre??

Manjula said...


I am not sure where to find flax seeds in Blore.But from some of the readers comments above here on this post looks like Nilgiris, Big Bazaar and other supermarket chains carry those.

Unknown said...

You can get Flax seed here.


Unknown said...

Flaxseeds are nothing but " SONABI" seeds which are easily available in stores in goa & bangalore.