Oct 16, 2006

Onion Tomato Dosa

Onion Tomato Dosa is one of those wonderful things I learnt from my Mom-in-law, MIL for short. My MIL has lots of wonderful ideas to make rejuvenate leftovers. By leftovers I do not mean old and stale things that have been lying in the fridge for days, just the things that are left after the previous meal.

Onion Tomato Dosa

To make Onion Tomato Dosa, the dosa batter is same as the Idli batter. So every time I grind for the Idli, I make a little more batter and use it for the Onion Tomato dosa the next day.
1/2 cup urad dal
1 cup Idli rava
3 onion
3 tomato
1 bunch coriander leaves/cilantro
5 green chilies
pinch of hing

Soak urad dal for 3-4 hrs. Wash and drain the soaked dal, grind to a smooth paste. Transfer the paste to a big vessel. Clean the grinder with 1 cup water and soak idli rava in that water. You may use clean water too. I just like to catch any tiny bit of urad paste left in nooks and crannies of the grinder. Soak Idli rava for an hour. Mix thoroughly Idli rava and salt with the urad paste. Keep overnight or for 8-12 hrs in a warm place.

The batter will raise to double due to fermentation. Now finely chop onion, tomato, green chilies, cilantro and add to the batter. Dissolve hing in a tsp of water and add. The batter should be a little thinner than the Idli batter.

To make Dosas, heat a griddle or iron skillet. Drop a tsp of oil and spread a big spoonful of the dosa batter. Let it cook on low flame. Cover the dosa. When the upper surface looks cooked, i.e. there should not be any raw batter on the surface, now turn the dosa upside down and roast the other side.

Serve with Sambarand chutney.


Divya and Chaya said...

I love this dosa. My mom made something like this but using only onions and coriander. We loved eating this than the idlis(:-).


Manjula said...

Hi Divya,
Yes, they are just delicious. I make more idli batter so that i get to make this dosa next day.