Jul 12, 2006

Methi Rice

1 tsp chilli powder (acc to your preferrence)
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
2 medium tomatoes, diced, optional
6-8 cloves garlic, crushed
1 bunch cilantro/coriander leaves, chopped
1 bunch methi leaves, chopped
1-2 cups cooked white rice
1/2 cup water
oil for seasoning

Heat oil in kadai/pan and fry garlic in it.
Add the powders and fry of a minute, till the raw smell goes off. Add diced tomatoes, mix well. Cover and cook on low heat till the tomatoes are well cooked. Crush the tomatoes will the back of the spoon to puree it.

Add the water anf bring it to a boil. Add methi leaves, cover and cook.
Making Methi Rice
When methi is almost done, add cilantro and salt. Bring it to boil. Add more water if its dry. Let there be some liquid so that there is room for rice to absorb the flavors as it cooks and blends in. Add rice and cook on low heat for sometime until all the water is absorbed. Adjust salt.

Methi Rice
Let the rice be little hard to start with. You can cook it later with methi till done. Do not worry if it gets little mushy. Taste more good.
Good recipe for left over rice. Actually it gets better with well cooked left over rice, since the rice grains get separated next day.