Jul 25, 2008

Mixed Vegetable Pickle

Making pickles was my Dads hobby. Though my Dad never cooked Lunch or Dinner for the family, he has a special interest in certain recipes. He loved making pickles. Its a tough job, a very tough job. Its very unlike the regular cooking. May be that was the reason my Mom wasnt so interested in making pickles. I set out on an adventure to make pickles just as a tribute to my Dad. The end result was very hot and very sweet. Ofcourse, pickles are hot. But sweet? right...memories and achievement are sweet.

The recipe listed here does not contain oil and a very traditional Konkani Style pickle.

Heres how to start with the mixed vegetable pickle

May 20, 2008

Brown Lentil Rice

My dear readers, Thank you for all the emails and inquiries as to why I was missing from action. I just needed sometime for myself to rejuvenate and start with the cooking experiments again. The good news is that I have been cooking more health recipes with a Konkani twist. You will see much more whole grain recipes in the future.

Lentil Rice

Here is a recipe that my family loved the most - Brown Lentil Rice.