Apr 25, 2007

Brown Rice & Barley Dosa

Brown Rice & Barley Dosa with Sambar
Brown Rice & Barley Dosa served with Sambar

I always try to alter my recipes to make them more healthy. I do strongly believe that white rice, all purpose flour or maida and other refined products do have very few or no nutritional benefits. Hence I often try to modify my recipes to use whole wheat flour in place of all purpose flour/maida and brown rice and rosematta rice instead of white rice. I have also started experimenting with barley since I found out that barley has more fiber than brown rice.

Ever since I made Brown Rice and Barley Dosa, the definition of dosa has changed forever for me. The dosa looks a little brownish unlike the pretty well known snow white dosas.

Apr 19, 2007

Chana-Poha or Kadle-Bajil (Chick Peas with Spicy Poha)

Chana with Poha, popularly known as Kadle-Bajil is a popular breakfast in Mangalore. Kadle is Chick Peas, Bajil is Poha in Tulu. Tulu is a local language in Mangalore/Dakshina Kannada and Udupi districts of Karnataka. Read as ChaNPhov in Konkani.

As I mentioned in the recipe for Chane Gashi, most of the Hindus have a tradition of eating Chana on every Fridays. My mom makes Chana Gashi and ChaNPov every alternate Fridays.

Apr 17, 2007

Blog Cookathon

Past few weeks I have been actively surfing the archives of all my blogger buddies. First I was on a blog surfathon and then on a cookathon. I found a ton of real authentic and creative recipes, a few fusion ones too. I managed to cook a few of them and still planning to continue this cookathon. My family has never been happier about my obsession with blogging. Now that my hubby got to eat all these goodies, he has actually stopped complaining!

Apr 10, 2007

PhaNNa Polo (Dosa with a seasoning)

PhaNNa Polo
PhaNNa in konkani is seasoning or tadka and Polo simply means Dosa. PhaNNa polo is a quick and easy dosa, that perfectly fits the fast food category.
PhaNNa Polo is my hubbys favorite dosa. But I never used to make it for a long time until recently. The reason..PhaNNa Polo is usually made with maida. And I do not prefer to use maida as it lacks nutritional benefits. Recently I got this idea of making it with whole wheat flour. I really liked the outcome. This dosa is a little bitter or nuttier in taste due to the whole wheat, While the one made with maida is a little sweet.

Apr 3, 2007

Homemade Pasta Sauce with Sun dried Tomatoes

I have a great temptation to try a variety of cuisines. But I hardly like any of them. My hubby always jokes around saying I try to Indianize any food served to me. In fact I do that a lot. Even when I try to cook those at home, I try to put some extra chillies or garam masala in everything making it palatable for my taste buds. I tried quite a few times making pasta at home, but never liked those, until this one.
Homemade Pasta Sauce with Sun dried Tomatoes
Homemade Pasta Sauce with Sun dried Tomatoes

Over my weekend shopping, I saw Sun dried tomatoes in a jar for a good price at a warehouse store and was tempted to buy those, reason, I wanted to make something with tomatoes for JFI:Tomatoes, a blog event hosted by RP of My Workshop for the Month of March.