Oct 26, 2007

Alle Dalitoy, Katpadi Style Ginger Dal

Ginger Dal
"Ginger" always reminds me of my Dad. He just loved ginger and wanted to add ginger in every kind of food. Back when me, my brothers and sisters were little, we just hated ginger and would unanimously protest. But now, Ginger gives me sweet memories of my Dad, its a reminder of his love and affection and his hard work to raise a big family.

Dalitoy is one of the signature Konkani dishes. Usually dalitoy is made with hing as in here.

Oct 16, 2007

Quick Basil Chicken Curry

Basil Chicken Curry

I am a little admant when it comes to trying out new cuisines. My husband always makes fun of me that I cook food in my plate in the restaurants. I am always adjusting salt and pepper. I had a very hard time initially in US eating exotic foods. By exotic I mean anything non Indian and non-pizza!

For my surprise I just fell in love with Thai cuisine the very first time. The only secret being its so much closer to Konkani food. Yeah, true Thai and Konkani- bhai Bhai..!!