Dec 31, 2006

PathoLi (Konkani Style dumpling with sweet coconut filling )

PathoLi, Konkani Style dumpling with sweet coconut filling

Coconut is the Mother Goddess of all Konkani cuisine. There would not be Konkani cuisine without Coconut. So when I read that Jihva event for month of Jan is on Coconut, I immediately decided to participate.

PathoLi is the Queen of Konkani cuisine, while Pathrode is the King, and offcourse Dalitoy is our Kuladeva. These three are a must for the Ganesh Chaturthi and other festivals where the food is the center of attraction.

I had been on a 3 day-2 night vacation to Las Vegas. 'Everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas', so I don't want to brag a lot about it. But I have to say the lunch buffet at 'The Rio' was awesome. Theres a whole of items on the menu to try from. They have Chinese, Mexican, Japanese, American, Italian cuisines to choose from. And the desserts are just great.
For the die hard fans of Indian cuisine, theres 'Tamba' right on The strip, located opposite to Bellagio & Monte Carlo, in the Hawaiian Marketplace. The buffet here is awesome, with authentic Indian taste, but beware they are hot and spicy, unlike the Indian restaurants in LA where everything is bland and sweet.

I just came back from Vegas, and was in the holiday mood, that means eating out and no cooking at home. This went on for few days but until I saw banana leaves in the local Mexican Supermarket. I thought of making the famous Konkani style dumplings.

PathoLi is a savory dumpling with sweet coconut filling inside a thin rice batter coating. It is made by steaming the dumpling by spreading inside a turmeric leaf. The sweet aroma of the turmeric leaf is absorbed into the PathoLi giving it a great flavor. I am not able to find the turmeric leaves in LA, so I decide to make it with the banana leaves. This one lacks the turmeric aroma, but was good enough to satisfy my husband's cravings for PathoLi.

for the outer covering
1 cup white rice
1 fistful poha
1 tbsp coconut
little salt

for the filling
1 cup shredded coconut
1/2 cup jaggery powder
3 pods of cardamom

Clean and dry the banana or the turmeric leaves.
If you are using banana leaves, Cut the banana leaves into strips of 3 inches. The leaves are very brittle and tear easily. To make it pliable, so that we can use it as a wrap, run the strips of leaves over the gas flame, or electric burner. The leaves become soft and pliable.

Soak the rice in water for 2 hrs. Grind together rice with coconut, soaked poha into a very smooth paste. Add little salt, lesser than what you would normally. Keep the batter as thick as dosa batter.

For the filling, mix coconut, jaggery and cardamom. This is called 'churna' in Konkani, also Kannada.

To spread the PathoLi, Spread a tbsp of batter on a strip of leaf.
Making PathoLi

Place a tbsp full of filling along the center.
PathoLi Making

Repeat this with all the leaves, until you are done with all.
PathoLi Making

Fold the leaves along the center.
PathoLi making

Steam Cook the PathoLi for about 15 minutes
Steaming PathoLi

Let them rest for 10 minutes, before you peel off the leaves and serve.

You may serve the PathoLi with ghee on top, only if desired. Its good on its own too.

I got to end the Year 2006 with a yummy PathoLi. Got a few more to Start the 2007 too. Wish you all a Happy & Prosperous New Year.


Aruna said...

You rightly said abt the queen, Patholi. I have been craving to eat it since a while. Nice idea of using banana leaves. Shilpa had used parachment paper. Must try one with banana leaves. Nice detailed presentation too.

Ashwini said...

Oh I adddoooore patoli. Thanks so much for participating in JFI.
And a very happy new year to you

Sabitha said...

Hi Manjula,
Liked your patholi recipe. In Mangalore, we also add little bit of jaggery to the outer batter. Try this next time.

TNL said...

Wonderful presentation...I liked each detail of the recipe. This is new to me, will have to try this!


Anonymous said...

Hi Manjula,

I'm drooling over this.. I love patholi. We make ponsachi patholi on banana leaves.. I'm going to make it soon.


Manjula said...

Hi Aruna, Ashwini, Konchady, Trupti & A
Thanks for the responses. Glad to know you guys are planning to give it a try.

Will try adding jaggery to the outer batter next time.

poNsa pathoLi? Sounds delicious. I am willing to try it. Could you give me the recipe?


Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Hmm these are my favorite.We used to prepare this during nagara panchami.Thanks for reminding good old memories.Thanks for sharing

Seema Bhat said...

Manjula, are you from m'lore by any chance? I am from and i had a lot of konkanis around there and yeah you are so much right about pathrade and pattoli. I so much love both of them. My mama used to make pattoli on turmeric leaves. How how good they used to taste. Now i have to go to a mexican grocery hunting for banana leaves. Did u get fresh or frozen? Thanx a bunch dear

Manjula said...

Hi Seema,
Yes I am from MangaLooru. Nice to meet you,I am so excited to know that u too are a Mangalorean.

I used fresh banana leaves. You may also ask your Indian store if they can get you some banana leaves on a special request. My Indian Store guy has some supplier for Patra leaves on request.



Anonymous said...

I have been dying to eat patholi for so long now! Can't wait to try out this recipe!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Manjula,
I am also from Mangalore and love Patholis. I tried your recipe last week and it turned out great. My friends had tasted it for the first time and loved it. Thanks for the recipe.
Do you have the recipe for Sajjige Bagil.. made from rava (suji) and thin poha, I think. Thanks.

Manjula said...

I have posted Chan Phov - kadle Bajil in the past. Click Here for the recipe.
Just make sajjege or Upma with phov for sajjige Bhajil. Phov recipe remains the same.

Glad you like my recipes. Hope you will keep coming back. Thanks for leaving your opinion here.
- Manjula

Shubs said...

Hi Manjula,
Just came across your blog today. Seeing Patholi photos thonda udha aayle. Its been long time since I had them as well. Never thought of banana leaf version should try it since it is difficult to get turmeric leaves.....

Unknown said...

Hi, in Orissa we prepare a similar delicacy which is known as "Haladi ( turmeric )Pitha .the batter is made of rice and manh ki dal( dal used for making idli and dosa)...the batter is spread on turmeric leaves with sweet cocont filling and then steamed and looks the same .However the turmeric flavour gives it a distinct taste.