Mar 26, 2007

Pan Pole (Neeru Dose) with Rice or Raagi

Pan Pole or Neer Dose is a very special dosa thats easy to make but needs special talent. Pan Pole simpley means Leafy thin Dosa. The whole trick in making perfect dosa is the consistency of the batter and the action of spreading the dosa on the griddle. And off course the choice of your griddle. You may use a non stick griddle, but the best choice is a well seasoned iron griddle.

Rice Pan Pole

Pan Polo

Recipe for Rice Pan Pole

2 cup white rice
2 tbsp coconut, fresh or frozen
2 tsp jeera, optional

Soak rice in enough water for 3-4 hrs or overnight. Wash and rinse rice, grind together with coconut and water to a very smooth paste. Add salt and water to make a thin batter. You may add a tsp of jeera, this gives a nice flavor to your pan Pole. PanPole with Jeera was my fathers favorite.

Heat an iron griddle, spread oil all over, splash a serving spoon full of batter onto the griddle spreading it evenly allover. Cover and cook on one side till the top surface is cooked. Fold into triangles. This is cooked only on one side.

This dosa is soo versatile, it can be served with a variety of sides. This can be served with your favorite curries, Gashi, Samabar, Chutney or a homemade Jaggery Syrup.

To make a Jaggery syrup, Bring little water to a boil in a sauce pan, add jaggery. Simmer till the syrup becomes thick. Add cardamom powder. Maple Syrup or the pancake Syrup are the best substitute for the Jaggery Syrup.

Raagi Pan Pole

Ragi Pan Polo

All these days, I made pan pole only with white rice. Recently my Mom-in-law saw a new kind of Pan Pole made with Raagi on a cooking show aired on the Kannada TV Channel. I am in love with this dosa since the day I first made it. The reason, it tastes as good as the rice one, plus has health benefits of eating Raagi.

1 cup Raagi powder
2 tsp jeera

Soak raagi powder in enough water for 30 mins. Pour the batter into a blender and blend for 2 mins. This makes the batter uniform by churning the powder into a smooth batter. Adjust salt and water. Add jeera and make pan poles as above.

Why use Raagi?
Ragi is rich in Tyrosine, calcium and iron. The sugar and carbohydrate in Raagi is much less than that found in Wheat and rice. Rich in fiber too. This makes it a best food for diabetic patients.
Ragi is a staple food of the farmers in Northern Karnataka where it is cultivated the most.

One of my reader, Vinayak has informed me that Ragi is mostly eaten among the southern Malenadu region of Karnataka rather than the Northern Karnataka as I mentioned.


Sia said...

tellavu as we call this and also neer dosa. donno why, looks like we both r cooking same dish:) i made it on weekend for breakfast. that was my 2nd attempt at making them and i have managed to get the thin dosa at last:)
ragi neer dosa is very new to me. what a contast manju. white and black...beautiful... will surely try this weekend:)

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

Hey MAnjula,
As What supriya said we cal it like that.Iand my hubby both love thsi.We call it lace dosa as it looks so nice and thin.Lovely photograpy dear...

Vaidya Aparna S. Pattewar said...

I will surly try this.
thanks for sharing this dear.

Anonymous said...

I would like to add that Jowar Rotti might be called as the staple food item of people from North Karnataka more than Ragi. Jowar rotti and/or Sajje rotti are day to day meal items for most of the population and they taste amazingly rich.
Ragi might be of people from bayalu seeme or southern malenadu.

On a different note, It also reminds me of my plan to spend time traveling in all of Karnataka to know more about things like this.

Manjula said...

Supriya & Dr.Sowmya,
Thanks for the other kannada name for NeerDose. Does 'tellavu' means 'the one that is thin'?? Nice name.
Try the ragi neer dose, its easy and delicious.

Just checked your blog now. Very informative. Just added a link to your blog on mine.

Thanks for the info. I did not know that Ragi is eaten mostly in southern Malenadu rather than the North of Karnataka. I am from Mangalooru, where Ragi isn't much of a fad. Updated my post with your info.

Have a great time touring in Karnataka.

Anonymous said...

I love pan pole. We call it soyi pole also. These days I make them only on weekends since I don't find time for them on weekdays. I am yet to try them with ragi.

Unknown said...

Oh..that pic.s says everything.As i was checking u'r post, my H passed by and saw the pic...his words.."Super picture".Looking delcious and simple recipe.Gotto try this soon..

FH said...

What a great combination and colors.Great job.We call Neer dosa,and I love Ragi dosas.Thanks Manju:)

Shivapriya said...

Lovely dosa, You are a perfectionist:).

Prema Sundar said...

Lovely presentation of pan pole.
Have made this with raagi flour but not with rice flour. Churning the raagi flour in mixer is a nice tip. thanks.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the ragi dosa idea. I love neer dosas and i tried out your ragi version y'day itself and it came out really well. I visit here often. You have great recipes.Thanks once again.

Seema Bhat said...

Oh look at those thellavu(pan Pole). How do you manage to get them that perfect. I had tried making it once and was a big flop after which I just gave up. Loved the way you presented them.

Manjula said...

Try the Ragi version, its quick, no soaking and preplanning.

Neer dose, yes thats my pan polo. Tried your bisibele bath , it was the best! Will keep making it often now.

If you have it with Ragi, you have to definitely try the rice version. Its awesome. Heard from many people that rice panpole can be made similar way with rice flour and coconut milk. Yet to try that method.

Maheshwari, Shivapriya,
Thanks for the compliments. Glad you liked my pictures :)

Nice to hear that. Hope you will keep coming back for more.

Me too failed couple of times initially, mostly with those non stick pans. The dosas don't get holes in non stick. Now I use Iron griddle(bought from amazon, manufactured by Lodge Logic).

Rani said...


Had 2 doubts:

1) What exactly should be the consistency of Neer dosa? ...Thick milk?

2)Neer dosa should be soft or crispy? The one I tried in Mangalore was soft but mine came as crispy :( Any tips? (Should it be done in high flame or so..

Anonymous said...


Thanks for posting this recipe. It would be very helpful if you could also include the approx. number of pan poles it would make.

Anonymous said...

Hi Manjula Your blogspot is just fantastic. Such a good collection of recipes! Delighted to know you and hope you continue to post good ole konkani food so it is never forgotten by those who are living away from India. Memme in konkani is fish is it not?

Tiba Prabhu

Anonymous said...

Hi Manjula Your blogspot is just fantastic. Such a good collection of recipes! Delighted to know you and hope you continue to post good ole konkani food so it is never forgotten by those who are living away from India. Memme in konkani is fish is it not?

Tiba Prabhu

Manjula said...

Sorry for a late response.
Pan Pole is a thin lacy very soft dosas. Yeah the consistency you can say a thick milk or like cream I would say.
I can think of 4 reasons why your might have turned crisp. But you know my knowledge & yrs of experience in cooking is very let me try
1. the batter wasn't fine enough. Make sure the rice is completely smoothened, like a rice milk. Also as you spread the dosa, stir the batter each time.
2. may be you cooked it longer that it turned crisp.
3. may be the rice wasn't soaked long enough. Make sure you soak for at least 4 hrs.
4. Quality of the rice matters a lot. It has to be a well aged rice. Some rice are not very aged and they are very sticky.

Manjula said...

It makes about 20-25 dosas with 2 cups of rice.

Tiba Prabhu,
Glad that you like my recipes and the blog. Hope you will keep coming back.
"Memme" yeah..thats how the kids call it in informal Konkani, officially its 'jaLke'