Nov 15, 2006

Churmundo (Wheat flour ladoos )


This is one of the all time favorite ladoos among the Konkani people. The ladoo is made of wheat flour and not maida. It has very little ghee in it, made dry and explodes into powder in the mouth. This was my elder brother AshokaNNas favorite ladoo and my paternal aunt used to make never ending dabba full of Churmundos for him whenever we visited her. You cant stop at one, believe me!

This recipe with the wonderful picture was sent to me by my jhaava, Nayana Shenoy. Jhaava in Konkani means husbands brothers wife. Husbands elder brother is called bhaiyyo. Nayana is a great cook. You will see many more recipes from Nayana in future.

Chana Besan - 1/3 Cup
Chapati Atta - 1 Cup
Powdered Sugar - 1 Cup
Ghee - 1/4 Cup
Cardamom Powder - a pinch

Seave besan and wheat flour separately and set aside.
Heat ghee in a pan. Add chana besan and fry on medium heat for about a minute. Add chapati flour and keep frying until you get a nice roast aroma. Remove from flame and keep aside to cool.
When completely cooled, add powdered sugar, cardamom powder and mix well.
Make laddoos by firmly squeezing a small portion of the mixture in the palm. Ghee may be added if the mixture does not stick together to form firm laddoos.

Store in air tight containers.


Divya and Chaya said...

Love churmundo...thanx for reminding me abt this wonderful sweet. I can't wait to prepare this!

Seema Bhat said...

oh how did I miss out these wonderful ladoos. Thanx to your SIL for those laddus. Have tasted them and will try them.

Sharmi said...

Hi Manju,
I am new to your blog and loved all your recipes, the thin dosa looks so lovely.the laddus looks so good.nice pics. will be regular now on.


Unknown said...

Hi Manjula,

Laddoos look really yummy...I am marrying a konkani guy..i love konkani food..n i am interested to learn ....i am trying all the receipes u have given on weekends...Thanks....

Anu said...

Those ladoos look so good!I am drooling here!Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I tried these laddoos. It is really yummy. Thanks for the recipe.

Unknown said...

hi manjula:) neatly arranged laddoos:)

Anonymous said...

Dear Manju,
Thanks for this recipe..we also make this at home, however my mom puts a sugar called cheeni sakkare, which helps in sticking the floor and eases the process to make the balls. Let me know whether we get this type of sugar in US or Canada.

This blog just is awesome..! Keep up the good work gal


Varsha said...

Nice blog...and I love churmundo...