Nov 9, 2006

White bean and Malabaar Spinach in coconut sauce (tingaLavare bendi )

Konkanis love tingaLavare. TingaLavare or white beans is the most commonly used bean in the konkani cuisine. In this recipe tingaLavare is paired up with the malabaar spinach and the sauce is ofcourse the konkanas favorite-coconut. I have already said more about malabaar spinach here. If you do not find malabaar spinach, substitute with spinach.

TingaLavare Bendi
TingaLavare bendi served with rice

1/2 cup shredded coconut, fresh or frozen
8 red dry chillies
1/2 inch cube tamarind
6-8 cloves garlic
1 bunch malabaar spinach or spinach
1/4 cup white beans or tingaLavare

Soak tingaLavare overnight or for 8-10 hrs. Discard the soaked water, rinse and drain a couple of times. Pressure cook the beans and set aside.

Wash and rinse spinach, drain the water. Chop and cook with the cooked beans for 5 minutes.

In a tsp of oil roast the red chillies. Grind coconut, tamarind and roasted red chillies to a smooth paste. Add the paste to the cooked beans and spinach, add salt and boil for 5minutes.

Roast garlic in a tsp of oil and season the curry.

Serve with rice.


Melting Wok said...

Hi Manjula, ooh..good to see you're not doing stir fry with the spinach, good change :) Ohh..the sauce looks really good with some basmati rice hehe, cheers !:)

Manjula said...

Hi Melting Wok,
Its not basmati rice. That is Rosematta, a different kind of rice, processed in South India. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Manjula

I just returned from Mangalore to Stuttgart in Germany and am already missing biscuit rottis, patredes, pohu etc. which we now order from Ayodhya and not Taj Mahal. I wanted to try making a sort of sanna polo with kulithu and my search on the internet brought me to your wonderful website - boy! wasn't I impressed that you make patredes and patholis in California :-))

I have written a book on Indo-German fusion food where I have introduced uslis out of traditional German noodles etc. Would be lovely to exchange notes and recipes !

Sumangala (
February 22, 2007

Anonymous said...

This tasted very nice...Hmmm.... yummy...

Unknown said...

I think there is slight difference between Bendi and Ghashi. Apart from Phann.

Mother used to add Kothambari while griding for Bendi.

Please let me know

Unknown said...

What is Kutrimatta rice? Is it the same rice that is used to make idli batter?

Manjula said...

Kutrimatta is also called or Rosematta or Parboiled rice - the paddy is pre-cooked with the outer cover and then hulled hence retaining some nutrients.

This is commonly called as red rice or kerala rice. Very popular in kerala and Coastal Karnataka - Kerala border areas - Mangalore.

Anonymous said...

I prepared white navy beans (thinking that it is TingleAvaro) and with "dento"(stems) from Waalee(Malabar Spinach, Taiwani spinach at 99-supermarket), per your recipe and came out OK and tasty. Is this bean same as TingleAvaro and where can I get it?

Manjula said...

Vastev maam,
There are a few varieties of white beans available, white bean, northern white etc..I havn't been able to figure out the best variety yet...but I guess small white beans go well.

My MIL recently made this bendi with black eyed peas (alasande bi ) and came out superb.
You can also substitute spinach for Waalee and the tough ends of the asparagus as Waalee stems.

Anonymous said...

I will look for small white beans in Desi Grocery stores. I used Walee leaves for Pathrado as I did not have Pathrade paan and sometimes I get at Pioneer Blvd if I am lucky. Masolu (then frozen) was made by cousin's wife(Baappa's puttale Baayale) who had visited during US Kesari tour here last September and stayed with us for a couple of weeks. I have taken all pictures but not posted on blog yet though.